Youngest of 3 kids; Born to a family of nerds: I never had a chance . . .

My name is Michael Nieves. Born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. I’d describe myself as an “indoor kid,” spending most of my free time playing video games, or watching youtube videos.

But all that changed . . .

. . . When the Fire Nation attacked- –

No. That’s not what happened.

I decided to stretch my legs, leave my comfort zone, and hike across America. I left early in 2017, with no clue what I was doing, and no idea how far I’d get.

Early on in this adventure, I was dubbed “Ishkabibbel,” by an awesome little kid. It became my Trail Name, and from shortening it,  I got the nickname “Ish”.

I made my way along highway shoulders, from NY to Washington DC. From there, took a train to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and hiked south on the Appalachian Trail, all the way to Georgia. Back along the roads, I diverted my route Northwest, from Atlanta to Nashville; and Southwest from Nashville to Austin, Texas.

So Far I’ve walked 2300 miles. Through thunderstorms, and weeks of rain at a time; up and down mountains, and along rocky cliffs; on roadsides, with traffic whizzing by; a month long heatwave, and some below freezing temps. I’ve had breakdowns, and revelations, I’ve been scared and I’ve been bored; injuries and loss, have forced me back home, but I kept returning to My Trail.

And I’m only halfway done.

Also I found a dog along the way, but really she found me, scared me half to death too . . .

I’m back home now, taking a break from the adventure, and taking care of things I need to do, so I can get back and reach the goal: California.

Thanks for stopping by.

TL;DR: I’m just some guy; I walk a lot; this is my website.